September 2018 - December 2019
Advans Ghana

Technical assistance for Advans Ghana in the development of innovative channels for its rural deployment, based on an omnichannel and digital approach.

The Advans Ghana savings and loans MFI, which has been operating in urban areas of Ghana since 2008, planned to develop its activities in rural areas starting in 2016. It based this expansion on various distribution channels: rural credit officers, rural field tellers, outlets, a mobile banking solution and agricultural value chain partnerships.

HORUS DF provided technical support for Advans Ghana to:

  • Carry out an assessment of existing and potential channels in rural areas
  • Define a general omnichannel distribution strategy addressing rural clients’ needs
  • Initiate and design the project management for implementation of the strategy: Optimization and development of mobile services, “B2W” and “W2B”, and rural field tellers


The project enabled the MFI to attain its objective of 9,000 clients served in rural areas by end 2019.

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