HORUS supports financial institutions in defining and implementing climate strategies, managing climate risk and developing green financial products. 

Climate change and environmental degradation are major issues. They strongly affect developing countries, starting with their most vulnerable populations.
Financial service providers in developing countries are facing new risks in this context that need to be managed with adapted approaches and tools.
In addition to addressing these risks, financial institutions have a role to play in supporting the transition of emerging economies, in particular to increase the resilience of vulnerable populations, both rural and urban.

HORUS supports financial institutions on the following subjects:

  • Definition and implementation of climate strategies;
  • Analysis of credit portfolio exposure and vulnerability to climate risks;
  • Integration of environmental and climate risks in the management of operations and in credit appraisals;
  • Developing a range of "green" financial products to support clients' adaptation and mitigation projects: notably deployment of climate-smart agricultural practices, and investment in clean energy and energy efficiency.

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