Very Small, Small and Medium Enterprises (VSEs/SMEs) still lack adequate access to finance, especially in developing and emerging markets, mainly due to high information asymmetry.

HORUS supports banks and MFIs in their downscaling and upscaling projects by developing coherent combinations of products, processes and methods, with the ultimate objective of reducing financing gaps and this information asymmetry, as well as managing risks.

HORUS also provides sector diagnoses, and support for the definition of SME finance support programs for donors, Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) and governments.

Our interventions include:

  • Market studies;
  • Development and refinement of MSME lending methodologies: loan appraisals, risk mitigation mechanisms, loan monitoring, recovery and bad debt management;
  • Marketing, promotion, and the design of market segmentation methodologies;
  • Sector analysis and program design to support the development of MSME finance;
  • Adjustment of the organizational set-up and of the MIS;
  • Development of risk management tools (scoring systems for example);
  • Training of staff and coaching for implementation.

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