September 2014 - December 2016
State Bank of Pakistan

National survey to assess financial inclusion and its limiting factors in Pakistan in 2015.

The State Bank of Pakistan (central bank) commissioned HORUS DF to conduct a comprehensive country-level survey to assess access to (or lack of access to) financial services in the country. This Access to Finance (A2F) survey followed a baseline study conducted in 2008 and emphasized the factors explaining financial exclusion and non-usage of formal financial services.

The survey was conducted on a national representative sample size of 10,600 individuals, in collaboration with the local survey firm Gallup Pakistan.
It enabled the Central Bank to:

  • Measure progress in financial inclusion since the last national survey in 2008
  • Describe potential for and obstacles to effective demand for formal financial services in Pakistan
  • Analyze the main drivers for the use of specific formal and informal financial services, including the respondents’ financial capacity, preferred strategies, opinions and beliefs
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