November 2021
Ministry of Finance, Supervisory authority for Microfinance, Financial Inclusion Observatory, General Insurance Committee, French Development Agency (AFD) funding

Technical assistance to the support provided to the reform process and the support measures taken in the framework of the Tunisia’s National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NFIS).

Tunisia’s National Financial Inclusion Strategy was validated by the Select Ministerial Council on June 2018. The NFIS revolves around the following axes: digital finance, micro-insurance, refinancing, the social and solidarity-based economy, and financial education. After initial progress, the legal and regulatory reform process stalled and AFD granted a result-based loan and an accompanying TA facility to help with the remaining essential reforms.
The technical support provided by HORUS was:

  • to establish an updated progress review of the strategy,
  • to organize workgroups around important topics, and implement a monitoring mechanism
  • provide studies to support the decisions making process of the expected reforms: Assessment of the impacts of the increased ceiling for loans offered by the microfinance sector, insurance market survey (supply and demand side; behavior and access), support to the insurance supervisory body to improve data collection and management, …
  • and to provide technical inputs on several subjects.
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