October 2022 - December 2023
ECOWAS member states
Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) commission

Study on financing mechanisms for producers, agropastoralists, livestock breeders, young entrepreneurs, and other economic operators to support the agro-ecological transition and sustainable agricultural intensification in West Africa

The Regional Agroecology Program of the ECOWAS is aimed at “Promoting and disseminating agroecology and ecologically-intensive agriculture to increase peoples’ resilience to food insecurity and climate change in West Africa”. Part of the fourth component of this program, this study’s goal is to analyze the instruments and the financing mechanisms to support farmers in the agro-ecological transition and the sustainable intensification of their production systems.

HORUS carried out  a study in partnership with SalvaTerra, a consultancy specialising in the environment, agriculture, forestry and rural development, and provided the following services :

  • Constitution of a documentary base for the study, creation of the research framework, method and tools ;
  • Inventory of agroecological practices and identification of related financing needs ;
  • Inventory and characterization of existing financial mechanisms in the 15 countries of the region ;
  • In-depth analysis of each of the mechanisms selected in a validated sample ;
  • Regional workshop and delivery of recommendations to ECOWAS.
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